Sign Up is a service for professional Dj's, Producers, Remixers, Artists. With us what you see and hear is what you get !. No ads, No pop ups, No "like" or "comment" to download, No falsely labelled acapellas used as bait to make you sign up ! All of our diy acapellas are made by ourselves. We only release diy acapellas we believe are good enough to use in a remix, mashup or a live mix. The audio quality of our acapellas is much higher than other acapella sites that source their acapellas from youtube and other audio streaming sites. All our diy acapellas have a preview. If you are looking for good high quality acapellas without the hastle of browsing virus ridden blogs look no further ....



Email us direct @ for payment info



Our standard pay & go option gets you any 20 Acapellas or Instrumentals (not including Gold or VIP acapellas). This is ideal if you want to try our service for the first time or if you need a few acapellas every now and then.



Gold membership provides you with a constant flow of acapellas and Instrumentals. Ideal for keeping up with all the hottest new releases. You also have access to our special "Gold only" files which pop up every now and then as a treat to our long term members. Gold membership costs $80 and gets you 10 Acapellas per month and 1x Gold Acapella per month (If you want it). We upload roughly 10 new acapellas a month so you will have plenty of flexibility here.



VIP subscriptions are ONLY available to existing Gold members. Our VIP acapellas are highly exclusive and not available ANYWHERE else ! Because of this we are selective on who we accept as a VIP member. Generally if we can see you have been using our acapellas on your music profiles for at least 6 months and they haven't leaked to other acapella sites we will accept you as a VIP member. The subscription costs $40 per month and gets you 10 regular Acapellas 1 VIP acapella per month.




"Do i qualify to become a member ?"

Membership is open to anyone. If you are a Gold member and planning on upgrading to VIP we may ask to see your music profiles so we can see if you are using our acapellas. This is a quality control practice to try and stop people leaking our acapellas.

"What bitrate / quality / format are the acapellas ?"

Most our DIY acapellas are mp3 @ 320. Some are Wav. The quality depends solely on the quality of the source files we use to make our DIY Acapellas. We go to every possible length to source lossless files for making our DIYs. If we use lossless original files we export our DIY's as lossless files. If our source files are mp3 we export our DIY Acapellas as an mp3 @ 320. We never upscale our acapellas.

"How can i search for an artist or title ?"

You can search the page you are on by using ctrl + f. Try searching the various DIY, Studio & Free acapellas pages for what you are looking for.

"Can i get a sample of a studio acapella ?"

Yes sure, But we do not send out samples of our Gold / VIP files to non Gold or VIP members.

"RE: Standard / Pay & Go - Can i space out my requests over time ?"

This pay & go option is designed to be quick, easy & cheap, so we don't have to keep a log of what we have sent to you and when. Please request up to 20 Acapellas or Instrumentals in just one email. If you would like a more constant flow of acapellas over a period of time please select the Gold membership option.

"How can i become a member ?"

Step 1: Email us at : diy-aca pellas @ hot mail .co .uk (without the spaces). Introduce yourself and tell us if you would like a Standard or Gold membership. We will reply with payment info.

Step 2: Once the payment has been made drop us an email at diy-aca pellas @ hot mail .co .uk (without the gaps) with your acapellas / instrumentals request list.

Step 3: We will reply to your email within 24 hours with links to your acapella downloads



DISCLAIMER : Our acapellas are made by ourselves and each one is essentially a mix of 2 or more songs, making them
a dj mix/compilation. We share our mixes to our members only for the sole purpose of enhancing a dj's overall performance.
Dj's must already own the original songs before trying to obtain our altered versions. Unorthorised use of our Samples is strictly prohibited.